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Get in on the ground floor at Formnext Chicago. Access active industrial additive manufacturing buyers and those who are leveraging additive technology to accelerate their business.


Formnext Chicago Booth Pricing


Formnext fAMily Exhibitor (sq ft)

AMT Member (sq ft)

Standard (sq ft)

Booth Package A 10x10 - Formnext fAMily

Booth Package A 10x10 - AMT Member

Booth Package B 10x20 - Formnext fAMily

Booth Package B 10x20 - AMT Member

Booth Package A 10x10 - Standard

Booth Package B 10x20 - Standard











If you have questions or modifications about your Booth Space Application (increase or decrease booth space) please contact Mark Kennedy at or 703-827-5220.

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