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Building the Additive Manufacturing Event for Your Business

Unmatched Audience

Events are about audience! Formnext Chicago offers unmatched access to both existing additive manufacturing adopters AND industrial manufacturers that represent future AM growth. Formnext Chicago combines the global strength of the Formnext brand, the vast industrial network Gardner Business Media engages and the deep relationships and broad reach of AMT - The Association For Manufacturing Technology and IMTS 2024 to display your brand and your booth in front of the additive manufacturing technology buyers of today and tomorrow. 


Step 2

Stronger Foundation

Welcome home! The North American additive manufacturing market needs a home – a foundation where the additive manufacturing market can connect, innovate and grow by bringing together leaders in additive manufacturing and industrial manufacturing. Formnext understood this and built the world’s most important influential annual additive manufacturing gathering in Frankfurt, Germany. Formnext Chicago establishes that foundation in the United States, a home for the North American additive manufacturing market to build! 

Step 3

Accelerating Growth

Events and brands need to grow and expand! That is what Formnext Chicago delivers – an event and brand that is expanding globally to provide additive manufacturing businesses the opportunity to grow and expand their brand and business by reaching new customers and new prospects. The Formnext audience includes more than current additive manufacturing users – it includes a vast and valuable network of industrial manufacturing professionals – from CNC machine shops to injection molders to composites fabricators – an audience that represents where additive manufacturing adoption is going and growing. 

Step 4

Driving Innovation

Fit is the future! Helping manufacturers understand how additive manufacturing fits their business –from design to material to machinery to post – is what will fuel additive manufacturing growth. Formnext Chicago’s focus is on helping your business grow by helping current and future additive manufacturing adopters find their AM fit. That is the Formnext Chicago format and focus; and, that is the unique audience that the Formnext partnership brings to additive manufacturing events!

Step 5

Unified Vision

FORMNEXT IS fAMily! Additive manufacturing is stronger together. The Formnext fAMily concept embodies that and Formnext Chicago brings that to life through the unique partnership that formed the event and the community it will develop inside and outside of the event! Additive manufacturing offers an alternative – a different way. Success has come from embracing the different and building from it. Formnext built additive manufacturing’s biggest event in Frankfurt, Germany by embracing the different and building from it. The North American additive manufacturing market needs the same – a strong foundation built from a successful global partnership that is intent on connecting and growing the entire additive manufacturing ecosystem. 


Interested in exhibiting? Reach out to us!


Mark Kennedy

Senior Director — Exhibitor Services

+1 703.827.5220


Rick Brandt 

Vice President | Advanced Materials Media

+1 513.766.5864

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